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Digitizing Is the process of converting artwork into a digital code that can be read by today’s advanced embroidery machines. The digital image file of your logo or emblem that you send us is a starting point, but the “digitized” logo embroidery that we create will be in a format that only digital embroidery machines can use.  This digital code provides the instructions to the embroidery machine’s operating system which, in turn, tells the embroidery machine’s frame how to implement the custom logo embroidery.



It’s much more than most people might imagine.  A lot of people think their design will just be ‘scanned’. While the digitizer may begin with a scan or a graphic file, he or she has to tell the embroidery machine where to put each stitch, and what order to sew your design – including where to stop, trim the threads, and switch to a different color. Digitizing is not an on/off switch.  There are widely varying levels of proficiency and artistry out there.  Poor digitization WILL result in a poor-looking design. Saving a few dollars on a one-time digitizing fee and ending up with a poor-looking logo embroidery is no bargain.  Nothing is more important to the appearance of your logo embroidery than the digitizing.




If you really look at their prices, the digitizing is simply built into the selling price of the item. That means on future orders, you’ll be paying for the “free” digitizing with every order, instead of just once with us.




To give you an idea of how much digitizing your logo for embroidery (a one-time fee) will cost:

If we create your file with a stock embroidery font (see them on our Fonts page) with no artwork: $0.00. At this price, you get to choose the font and thread color, but we do not provide a sewout for approval before embroidery

A shirt-front or cap-sized logo with or without text and artwork: $35

A full back logo or emblem for a jacket: $50 - $80




Send an email with your logo/artwork file attached. Artwork must be provided. Vector EPS/AI/PDF or Layered 300dpi PSD. 

If you need artwork we can help. Tell us what size you want your logo to be and what you want to put it on (caps, shirts, fleece, etc.). 

Our general guidelines are 3 to 3.75″ wide for logos or emblems wider than they are tall for use on the left chest of shirts. If the logo is square, 1.5 to 2″ on a side, and 2 to 2.5″ in diameter for circular logos. Our standard sizing for Centered designs is 2.5" tall and 4.2" wide (when possible). Offset designs will be a maximum 2.5" tall and 3.2" wide. If you would like different dimensions and your artwork will work for it, please let us know in the order notes. The maximum embroidery field size is 6.5" wide by 2.5" tall. Designs are Limited to 11,000 stitches. 90% of designs fall into this range under our default sizing. Any designs that go beyond this require $1 extra per 1,000 stitches., and 1 to 1.25″ tall and 4″ wide for visors. Often, the limiting factor in a logo’s size is small lettering or a thin, small part of the artwork. If we think something needs to be changed, we’ll let you know.

We’ll give you a complete quote usually the next business day.




Once you accept the quote we’ll e-mail an invoice to you with a link to a secure website where you can pay a deposit online. Your payment information is secured. We never see your payment data. Once we are informed that at least 50% of the invoice (as a deposit) has been paid, we’ll digitize your logo, sew it out onto fabric, take a digital picture of it, and e-mail it to you for approval. Once we have your approval, we ask that you pay any amount still due on your invoice. We’ll embroider your order and ship it out to you

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